Summer Fresh Water Surfing


Most fresh water surfing is done when both the water and air are cold.  Last weeks many Michigan surfers go to enjoy relatively warm temperatures for a rare summer swell.   Chris Matulis was able to test the new Matuli soft top surfboard.chris


chris90 chrissss

Ready to set Sail

IMG_0689 (1)In Michigan there are endless places to go and see on a paddle board.  We wanted to have a board that we could take with us everywhere.  Most paddleboards are about 11 feet long and are not easy to transport.  You never know when you will have a extra half hour somewhere to go for a paddle.  With our inflatable sup, you can always keep a board in the trunk,of your car, or on your boat, ready for a Pure Michigan style adventure.   The boards inflate to 15 psi in about 5 min.   Pump SUP

New Matuli Inflatable Paddleboards for 2016!

Matuli  now has a high performance durable inflatable option for our Spring 2016 board lineup.  Inflatable SUP’s are perfect for rivers and for those who want the flexibility of not using a roof rack.   The boards are lightweight and can fit into a large backpack, when deflated.  Each board comes with a high pressure pump.

We have 2 designs a surf shape 10.6 and a displacement racing 12.6 design.
Matuli Inflatable 12.6-30 flat



2016 Quiet Water Symposium

We had a great day at the Quiet Water Symposium in East Lansing , Michigan today!  What a great opportunity to connect with other water enthusiasts and reveal our 2016 Paddleboard and surfboard line.


Matuli SUP at #NAIAS Detroit 2016

Detroit Auto Show
Photo by Allison Richards

The North American Auto Show was very exciting this year.  A lot of auto manufactures were using action/adventure sports to help showcase their new designs.   We were really excited to be a part of Ford’s  display.   Ford used the Matuli  Fresh 10.6 paddleboards as a backdrop for the Ford Explorer.

Detroit #naias SUPautoshow

Mid Michigan Surf @MSU

Red cedar River surfingThe river is flowing in East Lansing, Michigan.  We took this opportunity to test the new fin setup for the 2015 Matuli 8.8 soft board.

Green Surf East Lansing


Kids Paddle Boad

Our new Kids SUP was designed for boarders under 95 lbs.  This board features EVA foam bumpers around the board rails.   A wide square tail was added to increased stability.  Our kids board is 9 feet long and 25.5 inches wide. Kids SUP

Winter Paddle Board Session in Lake Michigan

Karol Garrison and Seth Haley teamed up to get some amazing footage at the St. Joseph pier,  Lake Michigan, on a Matuli 10.6 paddleboard.   Lake Ice can never be assumed to be safe.   For more information about ice safety check Tom Gill’s article in the Huffington Post