MatuliboardMatuli is not just a surf company but a way of life. Since the beginning our roots have been centered around water and the magic that draws people to it.

Matuli started out as a plural nickname for the twin Matulis brothers. During high school the Matuli worked, as lifeguards, at a small lake in Midland, Michigan. After watching A Day in the Life of a California Surf Lifeguard, the brothers knew where they wanted to work. After calling every west coast lifeguard department they could find, it was apparent that the Matuli would need to learn more about waves and currents if they were going to have any chance of making the cut in lifeguard tryouts. At this point, the Matuli did not know how they were going to gain vital surf experience.
A few weeks later, at a beach at the lake, they got their answer. During a run swim run workout at Lake Michigan, the brothers found waves. With the excitement of seeing real life waves on the lake, the Matuli thought the the same thing, “We can surf these waves.” The only step left was for the twins to make their first surfboard.
After several sessions of battling Lake Michigan, the brothers decided they were ready to prove themselves in California. Flying to San Diego with nothing more than a tent, backpack, pair of swim fins, and just enough money to get by, the bothers started their training to become ocean lifeguards. It would turn out to be a summer that changed their lives forever.

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