Finless Great Lake Surfing

Oreo Board
Testing the board out on a boat wake

I was out of fiberglass and looking for something to do.  I decided to try to make and Alaia type board.  I was thinking about making it out of 1 inch pine but didn’t know if it would have enough float to it.  I decided to make a Hybrid board made of foam and wood.  I used closed cell foam made, by Dow, for housing insulation.  I stripped an old hollow door apart and used it to cover the foam.  I glued them all finlesstogether using spray foam.  The design is like an ice cream sandwich (Wood foam wood).   My first test was behind a boat it was strange not having a fin to hold the line.  I fell on my first attempt but then lowered my center of gravity and it was a lot easier to surf.  The board was a lot faster then the Doyle I was using to surf behind the boat because if its low rocker and absence of any fin drag.

My next test was in Lake Michigan.  I only got to test the board on one wave because the glue in between the foam and wood started to fail. I almost pulled into one.