Great Lakes Waterman and Paddle Board Innovators

Some of the most innovative Watermen came from the Great Lakes states.

Walking into Tom Morey’s workshop I was amazed with his prototypes all over the shop and hanging on the ceiling.  It seemed like, Tom, would dream of a new way to ride a wave  and make a prototype to make it happen.  Tom grew up in Detroit, Michigan and moved to Laguna Beach when he was 10 years old.  When Tom was 11 he was already placing in paddleboard races.

Surf Morey board
Photo of Matuli Team Rider Tom Chapman on a Morey board

I have a hand shaped prototype board made by Tom that is fun to take out in faster beach breaks.  It has an interesting parabolic shape design.

Tom is probably best known for inventing the Body Board.  Recently Morey has teamed up with Catch Surf of San Clemente, California designing the black ball beater boards that are getting very popular.