Mackinac Island Surf

Surfing Mackinac Island has been a goal of mine for a very long time.  In the early 2000’s, my brothers and I would make an annual lap around Lake Michigan searching for surf. We would always end our trip by paddling our surfboards to Mackinac Island.   It was always a dream to surf the island.  We were never able to catch anything more than a ferry boat wave.

Chris on his way back from Mackinac Island

The weather can can change quickly in the straights, but lucky for us, the forecast held as predicted and a East South East wind created some waves on Lake Huron.

We were able to sail to the island in some rough conditions and  we headed to probably the one of the most photographed spot on the Island.

The trip was worth the effort and we found some fun surf breaking over the limestone bottom on the East side of the Island.  The water temp was still in the upper 60’s SURF Mackinac Island