Use Your SUP to Save a Life

I ran across a video showing how to use your SUP to rescue someone in the water and I wanted to share it and add my ideas.  I have been a lifeguard for over 15 years and have made over 1000 rescues in the Pacific Ocean.

Most SUP are bigger and have more float then even lifeguard rescue boards, and can easily support the extra weight of a drowning victim.  When I go on a swimming style rescue I try to keep my head up and eyes on the victim in-between waves.  Stand up paddle boarding gives you an height advantage over swimming, so you can see possible swimmers or paddlers in trouble.

Using a flip style rescue you can get a victim on a board using gravity, so not a whole lot of strength is needed.  rescue on a SUP

If you live in the great lakes region and would like to know more about how surfers and paddlers can do to prevent drownings I highly suggest you go to one of the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Projects events.