Michigan Waterman Challenge


Michigan Waterman Challenge

Michigan Waterman Challenge : For Training, Motivating, and Collaboration

Matuli is proud to sponsor the first Michigan Waterman Challenge September, 13, 2014,  Holland, MI. The challenge consists of four events in Lake Michigan.  All Event proceeds go to the ARC Project and The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project!  You do not need to have a paddle board because all equipment for racing will be provided. More information at http://Michiganlifeguard.com/

In the 80’s and 90’s Michigan Lifeguards were all over the state, protecting beachgoers. As budgets dried up and cities felt like they were drowning in liability, the Michigan beach lifeguard became almost nonexistent, and lifeguards who were still manning the towers lacked training.

As lifeguard departments dissolved, so too did lifeguard competitions. Lifeguard Competitions were traditionally a time for cities to show off their lifesaving department and for competitors to demonstrate the skills they had worked hard to perfect all summer.  The lifeguard competitions played a vital role in maintaining a quality lifesaving force in Michigan.  The primary goals of the 2014 Michigan Waterman Challenge are: 1) to help lifeguards train, 2) to build confidence, and 3) to develop essential lifesaving skills. This competition will build the cooperation, interest, and skills needed by lifeguards to make their jobs both fulfilling and fun and while providing the safest and most effective lifeguard service to the public.