Northern Michigan SUP Adventures

It seems like every time we visit Northern Michigan,  I am always are amazed with its endless adventure possibilities and I want to return as soon as possible.


Camping, Paddling, and Hiking first come to mind with I think of the UP.  When you are up there the weather can change fast so you need to be ready for anything.

Pictured Rocks National

The water is cold in lake Superior but the views from the cliffs or from a SUP are amazing.

pictured rocks Paddle

Kitch-Iti-Kipi is a spring that features cold clear water all year long. It is in a state park and there is a glass bottom raft.  You can travel out over the water to see all the fish and the bubbling bottom.



It is always fun to see what Island life is like.  Bois Blanc Island is next to round island in Lake Huron.  We found a few beaches with calm clear water perfect for paddle boarding to round Island.

Bois Blanc Island