Seeking Surf In Lake Michigan

ClifSurfTuesday, August 12th there was a North West wind and I wanted to find a new spot to surf.  The wind is everything when surfing the lakes.  I was looking for a spot that was protected from the wind but still had swell.  Usually the best to

clean up waves to to surf on the leeward side of a pier.  The waves will be a little smaller but cleaner. 


I was in Northern Michigan so I drove west towards Lake Michigan looking for some fresh water waves.   The first spot I found had good size and power but the longshore current was running very quickly from North to South.  I got a few rides but it was a hike back to where I started.   I kept looking, and found some cleaner lines closer to the Pier.

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Photo: Eric Sagonowsky
Photo: Eric Sagonowsky