Matuli Traveler 3 Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle

travel-paddle sup

The Matuli 3-piece paddle is perfect for traveling.  It breaks down  to 34 inches and can be adjusted to be 90 inches tall.

The paddle is made from light weight 12K Carbon and has a brass hardware quick release.

The shaft has  and blade have a matching 12K Carbon Matt finish The blade angel is 8 degrees and he blade is 8 3/4 inches wide.


Matuli Soft Fish Surfboard

Soft Matuli Fish

The Matuli 5 foot 10 Inch fish board is freshwater tested in Lake Michigan and the Red Cedar River.  This board has a soft construction around a ridged EPS foam core.  This board is great for beginners because of its soft flexible fins and the boards extra volume.

Dimensions 5′ 10″ x 21″ x 3″

Materials – Two Wood Stringers, Soft IXPE Deck, EPS Core, Slick HDPE Bottom

Twin Fin Setup

MSU Standing Wave Surfing
Joe Matulis Surfing a Standing wave at MSU

Surf Report for South Lake Michigan, July 23, 2014

Chris Matulis July 23, 2014
Chris Matulis July 23, 2014

The water has warmed up!  The North wind has produced some surf.  The best places right now are going to be on the leeward side of a pier. The wind is side shore and the lateral current is pushing everything south.

Photo by: Joe Matulis
Photo by: Joe Matulis

The swell period is only about 6 seconds so the paddle out can be a little rough if you don’t time it right.

Paddle out

The wind is expected to blow all day so there should be waves all day.  Have fun and be safe.

Surf Soft Matuli Board

Fun Freshwater Waves in Lake Michigan

longboard Lake Michigan Blue Sup surf lake Paddleboard Michigan Surfing

It was a classic freshwater surf session in St. Joe, Friday afternoon. The North West swell wrapped around the South Pier.  In the evening the wind died and the waves started cleaning up.  It was a super fun session.  I used my stand up surfboard and my 1960’s Fry log.

More waves today with (45007) showing 4.5 feet with a 7 second period Monday morning.